On September 7th and 8th we held the Rails Girl event in Ica, School of Systems Engineering, University San Luis Gonzaga. In which WIT Perú participated as sponsor and coaches, as well as supporting co-organizers, mentors and volunteers during the event.

Days before the event, we took our bags and set sail towards the beautiful city of Ica.

Saturday morning participants arrived.

Stephanie Frias @ la__steph start the event on WitPerú sharing and the importance of promoting women’s participation in technology events.

Then we do some dynamics to break the ice and integrate as teams.

Finished the dynamic back to the salon to start sharing on the basics of programming with Ruby. Then proceeded with the installation of Ruby on Rails and machines workshop participants although we had some problems with the Internet we could achieve the goal of leaving the machines ready to start coding.

Then enjoyed a delicious lunch and also some delicious cupcakes :)

We ended the first day a little frustrated that because of the problems we had with the Internet among others, could not move as we had planned to make.

The next day in the morning there was no light in various parts of the city of Ica but thankfully college if it had electricity, so again motivated we find participants to continue the workshop and able to execute your first application using Ruby and Rails.

To end the event share them as they could continue to learn or deepen what is shared in the two days of # railsGirlsICA.

So it was that came to an end on Rail Girls Ica, we share our desire again to show that there are alternatives to what you can be learning at university, this new tool can give them opportunities in the labor market, but that depends on them the power to move forward.

We hope to return soon to Ica and give us the surprise that has formed a solid community and the participation of girls in matters of technology has increased, dream sometime Ica can be a node where quality software is developed for Peru and why not for the world.

I do not want to end this post without thanking all those who helped us make this event possible especially the sponsors for believing in us, thank you very much and until the next event.

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