DrupalPicchu: Women in Drupal

This past January 20–24, DrupalPicchu was held in Cusco. It was the first international event made by the Drupal community in Latin America. WIT Perú was present participating as part of the “Women in Drupal” panel.

We had an intense week in Cusco: sightseeing, organising the Women Startup Weekend and participating of the DrupalPicchu. We had to make a visual table to keep track of all the pending tasks!

Cusco welcomed us with a hailstorm and a little drizzle, those that you don’t see in Lima. We had to rush and get an umbrella and a raincoat. A high contrast with the hot summer we are living in the coast.

Of course this didn’t stop us from having a little fun and get to know some more of this marvellous culture :)

But, coming back to our reason to visit the imperial city, we were in the Universidad Andina del Cusco to share with the community.

I have the bad luck to get lost in universities the first time I go to them (happened in the PUCP, in UPC, ULIMA, the Ricardo Palma… and I guess you can get the idea), so that is why I am immensely thankful for the event banners present signalling the way :)

The second day was the keynote and the “Women in Drupal” panel. The idea of it was to ease conversations that look for the community to be more inclusive. I had the pleasure to share it with Nancy Contreras, Molly Byrnes, and Holly Ross.

I was surprised by the number of questions asked by the audience and the interest it created. Even after the talk we kept on discussing and changing ideas. The idea was communicating and contrasting points of view; look out for solutions to problems instead of ignoring them, as if they did not existed. I think this is the most important.

Here it goes a photo with the girls from the Drupal Bolivia community.

We also were helping the talk by Marco Villegas ( marvil07): How to contribute to Drupal.

It was great meeting several people again after a long time. I even met personally people whom I only talked on Skype. Can’t wait for the next Drupal event!

Pssst: We are checking things out to organise another DrupalChix, look out for the dates ;)

Originally published at https://www.witperu.org.

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