Drupalchix by WiT Perú in Drupal Camp!

“Less than 2% of the people involved in open source code are women, which leave us terribly represented…” This is a phrase that I kept with me when I first entered the site of the Drupalchix community more than five years ago.

Drupalchix is the Women’s Community inside the Drupal.org promoted by Angela Byron (Co-maintainer of Drupal) that is aimed to guide more people (whether men or women) in order to increase that little number of women participation on software development so that we could encourage more women to use Drupal as a framework or that they can contribute with the Drupal Community on any way.

There are three fundamental reasons that can help you decide on joining the Drupalchix community:

  • If you are a woman that has a liking for technology, software development and are willing to get to know other women that use Drupal, this is the place to be.
  • If you are a woman and need help with Drupal development, this is also the right place.
  • If you are someone with the idea to encourage more people to participate in Drupal development, you are invited too.

Women in Technology Perú in coordination with the Drupal Perú Community is organizing the first Drupalchix in Perú this following Saturday, October 19, within DrupalCamp Perú. The purpose of this event is to increase the participation of women in Drupal as an alternative to the development of web applications. In this event we will present some basic principles so that you can get to know this tool as well as being able to achieve the main objective, which is that the participants are able to interact and take their first steps with Drupal.

You can check all the details of the event here. Also, you can register!.

Do not let go of this opportunity of getting to know more technological tools and invite your friends.

Originally published at https://www.witperu.org.




Women in Technology Peru | Más mujeres en tecnología

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Women in Technology Peru | Más mujeres en tecnología

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